celebrate recovery

Celebrate Recovery accepts you exactly where you are,
no matter what hurt, habit or hang-up you may be dealing with.

Celebrate Recovery is your "Forever Family."  
Celebrate Recovery (CR) offers love, acceptance, and the realization that surrendering to Christ is key to recovery.  CR meets 52 weeks a year on Tuesday Nights. Dinner is offered at 5:30pm.  The Large Group meeting starts at 6:30pm in the Connection Center Gym.  One week, there is a live testimony (on any issue) followed on the alternate week with a 12 Step Lesson/ Skit. Celebration Chips are offered to mark your progress in recovery.  At 8:00pm, gender-specific Open Share Groups are offered. The groups currently offered are Women’s Issues, Men’s Issues, Women with a Loved One in Addiction, Women’s Food Group, Men’s Addictions, Women’s Addictions, and a Men’s Veterans Group.  The evening concludes with Ice Cream & Fellowship.  We also have a Prayer Room available from 8:00-9:00pm.  In addition, we offer "The Landing," a program for Middle & High School Students.  Childcare is also available.

Step Study is a journey of self-discovery.
You will discover why you do what you do, why you continue to go around the same mountains in your life. You will learn that things you think you have dealt with have really been shoved deep down inside and are coming out sideways in your behavior towards yourself and others.  Step Study Groups for Men and for Women are offered three times a year, beginning in January, May and September.  A Step Study will forever change your life!

Comments from Participants in our Celebrate Recovery Programs
“A Step Study is the best gift you could ever give to yourself.  You will make friends for life and have ongoing support and accountability.”  -Anonymous

“Celebrate Recovery opened my eyes to a real relationship with Christ.  Alcohol had destroyed my marriage and hurt my relationship with my kids. After working the program and completing a Step Study, my wife came to CR and worked through her issues too.  We're now remarried and have both been serving at Celebrate Recovery for over 10 years!”